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Saturday, 30 July 2011

baby ♥ syg

who would have thought a good friend is a true love? many do not think so right? but I believe in the existence. all located at the shoulders and their hearts .. a true love that understands our situation around is the most precious thing I have ever had. no other great things than true love. God always knows what the Muslims either good or bad thing. no matter what is happening around us. I am also grateful have a man that loved me after the fooled by a man bitch! His coming in my life is an award that is given by God. thanks to God .. you are always grateful slaves all grants from you ...:)

Sunday, 3 July 2011

skt aty nie xkn trubat slagi DYA xtukar nma blkng ..xkn nk pksa is it? suma laman sosial dy ltak nma yg sma..xkn suma xleyh tukar ?? xpa..ak phm..just 3 bln bru..so ak xdk hak kn? sabar jela mimiy.. tp smpy bla ak nk sbar tgk bnda yg plg myakitkn dlm hdp ak ???????!! dah maty bru nk tukar? xpela...xyh ckp byk klaw bnda dy sdri xmaw..bnda xleyh pksa klaw dah syg..xdak hak :( hurmmm
dah start msuk hostel on 28th june 2011,1st day mmg bosan..kwn suma xdk,yg ak knal just jane only ! suma nerdy wear la..daaa..=_= hostel pon tah pa2 yg dpt..tp  alhmdulillah mndpt skongan dri yg trsyg FAMILY ! n the only 1 who i have mohd noor shayree <3 u sygg..trimas sllu support dri ini yg xsberapa di bndingkn dgn anda..wahhh ! msuk 2nd day dah gila ! rmai plak yg brteqog knn... hohoho..so takat2 la ak bhgia la !! :)) tp xlpa jgk asm gram khdupan,smpy bla kta nk HAPPY kn ??ksdihan 2 akn dtg jgk..so brsyukur la dgn apa yg ada skrg nie k... :D