till die :)

Thursday, 6 October 2011


i'll keep remember bout you while i listen this song :) it make me feel calm and think about you for a second. this is the song about us. LOVE YOU !!

Monday, 3 October 2011


hari yg "happy" bagi aku bila pinjaman MARA aku lulus kan.. ^_^..
xsia2 aku habiskan waktu and duit semata2 potostat borang2 n tah papa...:p
bila si FAREE dtg bilik aku ckp "mimie aku dah lulus pinjaman mara doe"
dgn trgetaq jari kaki,tgn aku nie pon click kt google n search Eduloan.mara.gov.my>>>>
then bila dy sruh letak ID ng KP, n click..tiba2 aku pjam mata and bukak akhirnya "tahniah ! pinjaman ada diluluskan"....nk kata happy tu mmg laa. tp duit kan..anytime and bila2 masa ja akan habis juga kalau xpndai MANAGE !! :p
so conclusion dya..alhamdulillah.. termakbur jgk doa2 aku :) hahahah
thanx mara :D

Sunday, 2 October 2011


today tersangat kelakar okey, bila tgk bf sendiri and exgf dy gaduh each other! tp ada jugak la ayt2 yg menyakitkan haty.. tp cool and chill, sbb benda dah lepas kan. so okey jela. xpyh nk di panjangkan. tp yg paling kelakar bila kakak ex dy "call " and ckp why babitkan dya?? sah2 dy yang menyampuk kat post FB tuu.. hahahha betul la apa yg my BF ckp, 1 family xsedar diri. and he should say that i think :D. tp berbaloi jgk la bila dy dah ckp kt kakak ex dya cerminkan diri sendiri dulu ! ~ i like that statement :)

sweet moments of LOVE :)

on the 1st oct 2011:

  • I <3 you
  • I <3 you
  • I <3 you
  • I <3 you
  • I <3 you
  • I <3 you
  • I <3 you
  • I <3 you
  • I <3 you so much okey !!!!!

 ~is the most meaningful day of my life. we've to do something unforgettable even a second. memories of our moments together are always playing in my mind :). you'll always make me smile when i sorrow or alone. thanx syg ~ which at this time, we've spent time together there for ourselves,location:TAMAN KLCC <33.

Monday, 19 September 2011


:hari nie berjaya edit 3 gambar..esok lusa ttw lagi berapa aku nk edit ~hehehe <33

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

is that rose for me ?? :) OMG !!

today,its the wonderful day~i think la..hahahhaha..
nop2..surely is YES ! thanx already to my syg for give me somethng that can make me cry suddenly..daaa~
hHhahaha...i will appreciate it syg.:).wangii sggtt2 bunga ROSE tu..i know since 2 days ago i keep getting irritated you suddenly, when it is not ur fault !! :'( i'm so sorry sayanggg..it is already my fault.ARRRGGHHHH !!
i did not investigate the following things.......sorry again and again..i'm just saying you as a ' PENIPU ' but the fact or reality is not..:'(..sorry dear for my bad attitude before this..thanx for always being a very gentle for me ...:')..I WILL LOVE YOU TILL DIE for surely ~ <33

                                                         ~ 3 roses mean : I <3 YOU ;) ~

Sunday, 28 August 2011

My feet in the sting of the wasps,: '(

12.00 a.m (ak agak2 ja nie xtepat sgt sbnaqnya pon -_____-)
tgh ak tdoq best2~kak aku ketuk pintu bilik ak scra tba2,mai la serbu dy pon.pny la pulun nk tgk brng pa yg ak shoppng -_____-.then xpala,ignorekn ja yg 2...sedang aku tarik selimut ,my legs felt like a sharp prick of an object, which I do not know what the object.then I was moaning in pain did u know that ??! tiba2 lpas mndy aku naik bilik ak balik,TERjumpa sekor tebuan yg dh mati ATAS KATIL KESAYANGAN AKU okey !! shit !!rupa2 nya pg td ak kena sengat dgn tebuan..mla2 sangkaan aku igtkn kena GAUT(ttw eja btoi ke dak),fuuhhhh tba2 ja kan kna gaut sdgkn ak xmkn seafood pon-_____- daaaa~ sekarang kaki ak dah bngkak mcm anggur purlple :'( ...tahan n sabar jela..mampu berserah..i ♥ my sole :'(..mnx2 lah sembuh dengan cepat k..amin ~xthan dah mnderita......

Saturday, 30 July 2011

baby ♥ syg

who would have thought a good friend is a true love? many do not think so right? but I believe in the existence. all located at the shoulders and their hearts .. a true love that understands our situation around is the most precious thing I have ever had. no other great things than true love. God always knows what the Muslims either good or bad thing. no matter what is happening around us. I am also grateful have a man that loved me after the fooled by a man bitch! His coming in my life is an award that is given by God. thanks to God .. you are always grateful slaves all grants from you ...:)

Sunday, 3 July 2011

skt aty nie xkn trubat slagi DYA xtukar nma blkng ..xkn nk pksa is it? suma laman sosial dy ltak nma yg sma..xkn suma xleyh tukar ?? xpa..ak phm..just 3 bln bru..so ak xdk hak kn? sabar jela mimiy.. tp smpy bla ak nk sbar tgk bnda yg plg myakitkn dlm hdp ak ???????!! dah maty bru nk tukar? xpela...xyh ckp byk klaw bnda dy sdri xmaw..bnda xleyh pksa klaw dah syg..xdak hak :( hurmmm
dah start msuk hostel on 28th june 2011,1st day mmg bosan..kwn suma xdk,yg ak knal just jane only ! suma nerdy wear la..daaa..=_= hostel pon tah pa2 yg dpt..tp  alhmdulillah mndpt skongan dri yg trsyg FAMILY ! n the only 1 who i have mohd noor shayree <3 u sygg..trimas sllu support dri ini yg xsberapa di bndingkn dgn anda..wahhh ! msuk 2nd day dah gila ! rmai plak yg brteqog knn... hohoho..so takat2 la ak bhgia la !! :)) tp xlpa jgk asm gram khdupan,smpy bla kta nk HAPPY kn ??ksdihan 2 akn dtg jgk..so brsyukur la dgn apa yg ada skrg nie k... :D

Monday, 9 May 2011

lately im always happy beside him.. without him i dnt noe whats gonna be happen..he's so kindnss to me,he always took care bout me..muwahhxx 4 u my darl..am realy sorry each n evrythng wht im done 4 this be4,am realy2 mean it n i promise to u i will never stop LOVE U ! dnt take it easly hunn,when i say i love u,i mean it oke !! ;)  muwahxxx..