till die :)

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

is that rose for me ?? :) OMG !!

today,its the wonderful day~i think la..hahahhaha..
nop2..surely is YES ! thanx already to my syg for give me somethng that can make me cry suddenly..daaa~
hHhahaha...i will appreciate it syg.:).wangii sggtt2 bunga ROSE tu..i know since 2 days ago i keep getting irritated you suddenly, when it is not ur fault !! :'( i'm so sorry sayanggg..it is already my fault.ARRRGGHHHH !!
i did not investigate the following things.......sorry again and again..i'm just saying you as a ' PENIPU ' but the fact or reality is not..:'(..sorry dear for my bad attitude before this..thanx for always being a very gentle for me ...:')..I WILL LOVE YOU TILL DIE for surely ~ <33

                                                         ~ 3 roses mean : I <3 YOU ;) ~

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